Saturday, February 12, 2011


How to start writing about Lucknow is really difficult. I Still remember the day when I was being told that I have to shift Lucknow for job by Ujjal sir.
And that time there were so many questions in my mind like it’s totally a new city for me, never been there. Where will I stay there?,With whom will I spend my time?.
And finally after having so many questions in my mind I reached Lucknow on 15th of August 2010 at 11:15 pm.
And here starts an unforgettable Journey.
Journey of Lucknow.

And today 13th Feb 2011 I have to leave Lucknow once again the reason is Job that bring me to this City.
I spent just 181 days here and I am feeling like i am leaving my home town. How one can have so much attachment in just 181 days with a city that was totally new to him?.And at this moment I remember the one sentence being told by one of my colleague namely Naushad” Are sir koi baat nahiin hai ye Lucknow hai jahan ek baar aane ke baad koi jaata nahin hai” today I am feeling how true was he?
I am going to miss tons of memories associated with Lucknow..
How will I forget the Love and affection I got here?
Beside of this there are some other things also that I am going to miss....
How will I forget the Kabab and Nawabi dishes of Tunde Kababi of Aminabad?
How will I forget the mouth watering Roadside Kabab and Paratha?
How will I forget the streets of Aminabad and Shopping of Traditional Chikken clothes done here?
How will I forget the time spent at Hazratganj,Shri Ram tower and Saharagang Mall?

How will I forget the wonderful evenings being spent at the Ghat of river Ganga with Nishant.Nishant thanks yaar for being with me at Varanasi. From Varanasi I got an addiction, addiction of wearing bracelets and Maalas of pearls,beads and Rudraksh.
In Lucknow I spent my some wonderful time of my life with Ajay my colleague whose support at Lucknow will be Unforgettable. He is such a nice guy.

The love and respect from my team is also unforgettable, in future will love to work again with these wonderful guys. I must mention some name from my team who was always there with me at any point of time. Ashwani,Naushad,Rahil,Vinay,Sanjay,Shanshank.Om Prakash Aditya,Ajit,Aftab,Rahul,Rizwan,Imran,Saurabh,Montu,Vishwarath I can not mention all names due to lack of space sorry guys for not mentioning all names.

There are some seniors also whom I am going to miss. I will miss the cooperation of Mr.Akshay from Modern Trade.I am going to miss the unique tone of Pankaj Agarwal Sir. Discipline of Mansoor Sir,Love and affection of Pankaj Mishra and Varun Checker.
And how can I forget to mention the name of Shailendra Gaur. He is such a lovely person.

And beside of Lucknow, I got the chance of visiting some more cities of Uttar Pradesh like Kanpur,Gorakhpur,Faizabad, Allahabad,Jhansi and Varanasi that I have never thought that I will go there.
And when I started loving this city I have to depart.
But that is the destiny that compelled me to leave this city.
Have to leave.But I hope in future will come here again.

Missing You Lucknow.

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